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    Heres a great example of how sick comey’s interpretation is;

    If Donald J. Trump said to James Comey “The Edmonton Oilers are having a great season BUT I WANT THE New-York-Rangers TO WIN THE CUP”

    I wonder if the sleezebag #comey would have testified saying POTUS tried to order him to fix the Stanley Cup Finals

    I mean seriously that is exactly what we are talking about here

    Comey needs to be prosecuted for conspiracy against the President Donald J. Trump

    Comey is a very corrupt criminal who confessed on global TV as to his crime and conspiracy.

    thats not to mention his involvement with the biggest unprosecuted fraud in history namely #TheClintonFoundation Charles K. Ortel knows all the facts in that case and comey is so involved in that money laundering scam how could he not prosecute hillary or all of the donors in that scam.

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