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“Corporate Entry” Limited Time Offer


As a Corporate Limited Time Introductory Offer iAstra Studios wants to help small and medium sized companies get the “Global On Air Television Promotion” that mainstream media networks would charge many many thousands of dollars to equal the “Global Exposure” iAstra TV Commercials can give you.


Included in the Corporate Introductory Offer is:

A. 1 – Video Commercial on iAstraTV with Thumbnail for all to see.
B. 1 – Linkable 300×250 Sidebar Banner that will be on rotation on all iAstra network Websites, flat fee: “unlimited Clicks and Impressions”.
C. 1 – Complete Corporate Page that you can put whatever information you want on, completely customizable and HTML Code enabled.
D. 1 – Corporate Profile Page in the iAstra Social Network with the ability to have Subscribers, groups, videos, photos and everything you can have on linkedin or facebook you can have all that and more in the iAstra Social Network.
E. 1 – “Dedicated Live Stream” in your company or show name allowing you to go live anytime you want with news or events broadcast on the entire iAstra Network.
F. The ability to change your banners and video commercial anytime you want.
G. A 12 Month Price Guarantee so you know it is not a “bait and switch price” that will change in 30 days. iAstra gives you a 12 month Price Guarantee.


We hope this helps get you going with your business, website or idea.

If you have a specific need for your advertising, be it a live event, product launch, sale, special offer, news release, cryptocurrency offer, crowdfunding project, movie release or any kind of product or event give us a call to discuss your particular needs with localization or globalization of your campaign, we can customize a campaign to include literally any feature or region, we can inlcuding “large email campaigns” for public company news releases or public market awareness campaigns.

12 Month Price Guarantee from Date of signing

Affiliates Welcome to describe the iAstra Affiliate Program the words Enormous Money, Endless Money, Extreme Money seems to be fitting. We Really Reward Our People!!!


Become an Affiliate Now!


Affiliates Earn
30% recurring on the first level
10% recurring on the second level



Become an Affiliate Now
Click Here


Limited time offer, jump on this now limited space available call today you might have to wait for an opening.

iAstra is Now Paying People

To Put iAstraTV on their Website

The IastraTV Player is really fantastic content we are giving to anyone with a website or blog, this is the stickiest content there is and will keep your visitors on your site and coming back day after day, we update the episodes every single day. You don’t have to do anything except follow the simple instructions in red:


Simply Cut and Paste the following code into any webpage
(This is Free Content From Iastra "we update the player daily with new episodes,
you don't do anything or pay anything")

<iframe src="https://icollegeclass.com/scheduled_programs/player.php?id=&width=650&height=350&xml=1401382745.xml&
&theme=ui-darkness&playlistmod=f&shuffle=false&loop=false&scrollMode=auto&autoNext=t" height="350" width="650"
allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


The TV Mobile Player is optimized for all Mobile Phones, it is slightly smaller with all images removed so it is blazing fast. and we made the Channel Buttons under the main viewing screen Large making it easy to navigate from channel to channel.

<p align="center">Thumbnail images have been removed for mobile viewing
<p align="center"><iframe src="https://icollegeclass.com/scheduled_programs/player.php?id=&amp;width=500&amp;height=400&amp;xml=1503103399.xml&amp;logo=http://www.iastra.net/movie-covers/1a-iastranews-1-50x50.png&amp;link=http://www.iastralive.com/mobiletv/&amp;theme=excite-bike&amp;playlistmod=f&amp;shuffle=false&amp;loop=false&amp;scrollMode=auto&amp;autoNext=t" width="500" height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>

Thumbnail images have been removed for mobile viewing

Once you have the iAstraTV Player on your website, contact us on skype is best or on phone and we will then give you the payment process.


We pay everyone who inserts the above <iframe> code into a page on their websites!!
Monthly Revenues

Best Regards

Questrust Ventures Inc.
Iastra Broadcasting

skype name:

Iastra Leader



Iastra Broadcasting – Global Media Network


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