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I am an Boston born, Italian-American vocalist that sings adult contemporary pop, rock, gospel and classical music. One of ten children, I have loved to sing ever since I can remember. I have also been a missionary & sing gospel & worship music with the name Federico"Freddy" Hayler. Cardella is my family name form Italy - so I chose this as a stage / trade name.

Pop classical soloist

My goal as a singer is to help rejuvenate true love,faith and romance throughout the world. I'm not trying to be suave here - I simply love to perform and desire to share the gift God gave me with others. I think we have lost much of the message & music of "old world romance" in our global culture and I wanted to contribute something original & nostalgic to the music scene. I/m not a famous singer, but I am grateul or the thousands of lives I have inspired in my sphere of influence.


All my music was very costly and time consuming to produce. I wanted a really mellow and authentic sound using great musicians and for the most part , used REAL INSTRUMENTS and the London/Nashville Symphonies. Sadly, so much of the music today is midi and drum loops and electronic computer generated sounds - all which have their place - but not in romance music! 😉

I was raised listening to great singers, and ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to sing …I learned a lot by listening to the likes of Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley as well as great American and Italian tenors like Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza, Franco Corelli, and my mentor, Luciano Pavarotti. The fact is that God gave me a gift and I feel the best when I share it with others.

I always had a decent natural voice. As I grew older, notable opera voice teachers like Vera Rosca, Jerome Hines, Ken Smith & famed Italian tenor Franco Corelli also took me under their wing and trained me. I'm really grateful for that!

Current Projects

People are missing the whole point when they do that. All singers have something to offer. Some people prefer tulips over roses. Does that make tulips "better" than roses? I don't think so.

So every one has their fav singers. That's great. And even though beauty definitely has a universal measure, oftentimes it is in the eyes of the beholder. Marketing, TV exposure & resources is so important for popularizing a singer also, but that should not be the only measure for rating a singer either. My only ambition is to inspire others with the gift God has given me no matter what level of exposure. And no, I was never on a TV competition show!


Delay is Not Denial

To you who feel you may be too old to share your gift and dream with others- NEVER GIVE UP! I started my singing career later in life than most professional singers, but didn't let that deter me. I was told I was late getting started as far as tenors go - that unless I started singing & training operatically by my mid 20's, it was simply too late to have a serious career.

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Federico Universe & InspoNews -Bold enough to report the raw TRUTH in this weekly news cast with an exceptionally prophetic & accurate News- reporting often weeks or months ahead of establishment media key developments …

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